Open LMS Strengthens Commitment and Reach in eLearning Market with New Strategic Direction, Investments & Value-Adds for LMS Users

After a successful close to the first quarter, Open LMS continues momentum in the LMS market with new strategic direction, increased investments in people and product, and more value-adds to support customer success for Open LMS clients as well as the larger eLearning community.

Open LMS, a world-class eLearning solutions provider, announces a strong close to the first quarter of 2021, which comes after welcoming almost 400 new clients into the Open LMS community in 2020. This momentum supports the new strategic direction and investments that Open LMS has identified, namely in their move to strengthen their commitment to open source by releasing additional modules and enhancements for the open-source Moodle™ platform as well as deciding to open source their Learnbook platform, which has now been rebranded as Open LMS Work.

Since becoming a part of Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG) in March 2020, Open LMS has made bold moves while defining their next evolution as a company. With a core focus on customer success and deep respect for the freedom that open-source technologies afford their clients, Open LMS acquired two leading Moodle™ providers, eCreators and eThink Education, with the goal of creating not only the largest team of Moodle™ experts in the world, but a team capable of providing clients and the larger eLearning community with innovative, scalable, and flexible learning solutions and an industry-leading level of support.

Over the months to come, Open LMS looks forward to increasing their investments around product development, including hiring top talent around the globe to support their open source roadmap and customer success initiatives.

Since welcoming eCreators in October 2020 and eThink Education in December 2020, Open LMS has continued to grow rapidly while integrating three eLearning powerhouses into one company with a unified vision,” said Phill Miller, Managing Director of Open LMS. “Bringing teams together always poses a unique challenge, but the exceptional growth and momentum we’re seeing as we become a bigger and better Open LMS is wholly due to the passionate and talented individuals we have here at Open LMS. We look forward to continuing to expand on this momentum by driving more innovation around open-source solutions, such as core Moodle™, and investing heavily in product development and the best talent we can find to make sure we’re providing our clients with the tools, value-adds, and support they need to exceed their eLearning goals.

Launching this quarter, Open LMS continues their focus on customer success by introducing a spotlight around digital content that will be supported by a calendar of free webinars, client training sessions, and a Free Online Learning Toolkit that will deliver an off-the-shelf, ready-to-go eLearning course every Friday, starting April 16th, that any LMS user can incorporate into their learning platform. This focus on customer success extends outside the Open LMS client base to the larger Open LMS Community, as many of the initiatives that Open LMS is launching are open to all interested L&D professionals and LMS managers in the hopes of providing a space for education, networking, and collaboration.

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Open LMS leverages open-source software to deliver an effective and engaging learning experience. As the largest commercial provider of hosting and support services for the open-source Moodle™ learning platform, we help organizations and institutions deliver great learning experiences without complexities. Previously a Blackboard product, Open LMS was acquired by Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG) in March 2020. Learn more about Open LMS at

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