The New Open LMS: Joining Forces to Deliver World-Class LMS Support

As you may already know, Open LMS expanded its team in 2020 with the acquisition of eCreators and eThink Education to provide world-class Moodle™ support. With a new Open LMS leadership team coming together and a wide expansion of our team, we have a revitalized vision of the future that we are excited to share.

A New Vision for Open LMS

Open LMS went through transformational change in 2020. We became part of the Learning Technologies Group (LTG) family of companies, a change that allowed us to reset who we are and set a new direction for what we want to accomplish. As the world’s biggest commercial Moodle™ provider, we had solidified our product through powerful technology, scalability, and a unique features offering. But we also knew that we wanted to expand our horizons and bring amplified value to our clients. One way to accomplish this goal was to join forces with other companies within the Moodle™ space that excelled in different areas and that would complement our service delivery.

With eCreators, Australia’s biggest Moodle™ provider, we found a great level of experience in corporate learning and training, as well as rich digital content creation capabilities. Then eThink Education complemented our ecosystem by specializing in best-in-class customer service, fully-managed solutions, and a strong relationship with the education community in North America, EMEA, and the Caribbean. Together as a new team, we aim to become the most exciting, dynamic, and powerful company offering open-source teaching and learning experiences in the world.

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Meet the New Open LMS Leadership Team

One of the most striking and exciting parts of bringing these companies together is the level of talent we’re pooling together—not only from a business perspective but from a Moodle™ expertise standpoint.

Meet the expanded leadership team steering Open LMS:

leadership team open lms

We have already seen in the early stages how bringing together talent that has been developing and building Moodle-based solutions is benefiting our decision-making, for both our business and clients. We have a diverse leadership team spread across the world, including the United States, Latin America, and Australia.

Open LMS Today

As the largest global Moodle™ company, this is where we stand today:

  • SaaS delivery of Open Source with 1460+ active, hosted SaaS clients ranging from community colleges to universities, corporate and government entities
  • 8 million+ users in 120+ countries
  • An extended partner ecosystem with 25 partners around the world and many companies that we ingrate into the LMS
  • A digital publication E-Learn Magazine, with 7,000+ subscribers sharing education best practices and success stories
  • Over 900 members in our community that share knowledge about education technology

You can expect a focus on personalization, customization, reliability, and superior customer service, as we strive to deliver the best SaaS learning experience in the market across the entire “learner to earner” spectrum: We start with Moodle™, the most powerful and flexible open-source LMS in the market. Then we leverage the power of the cloud through our partnership with AWS, and then layer it with outstanding service and capabilities around a personalized, customizable, and reliable solution.

Together with our teams, we are now 140+ proud Moodlers. We have started this year strong and cannot wait to see where 2021 takes us!

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