Open LMS Launches New Ecommerce Suite to Enhance LMS Profitability

The new ecommerce suite, launched in partnership with Open Source Learning, enables educational institutions and corporate clients to sell eLearning courses, certifications, and more.

RALEIGH, N.C.—March 20, 2024—Open LMS, a leading provider of open-source learning management systems, proudly announces the launch of its new ecommerce suite in partnership with Open Source Learning, a leader in providing robust plugins for Moodle™-based platforms. This in-built solution offers a flexible ecommerce experience, empowering site administrators to establish catalogs for selling courses, certifications, and more on a one-off basis or as subscriptions.

Said Andrew Hancox, owner of Open Source Learning: “Ecommerce in Moodle™ has always been a compromise for both the seller and purchaser. Moodle™ plugins have had very basic functionality, while external solutions have been expensive, complex, and poorly integrated. We have been delivering ecommerce solutions in Moodle™ for over 10 years and have consolidated all of our work into a single solution.”

The Open LMS eCommerce suite extends beyond solely managing and selling courses, programs, and certifications. It also enables clients to customize their offerings, incorporating options such as quiz attempts, site subscriptions, paid content within free courses, or seats in a live event. These new capabilities aim to assist educational institutions and corporations of all kinds in enhancing their profitability natively, without resorting to complex external solutions.

Currently, the system supports the use of Stripe as the payment gateway. Moreover, clients can sell access to a program or certification and then report on the user’s progress post-purchase. They can also report on the status of that access, such as purchase date and expiry date, all on the same platform.

All these features are supported by Open LMS’s robust and secure code review, testing, and quality assurance processes, complemented by its platform reporting capabilities, native content creation, and 24/7 customer support.

Said Jeremy Schweitzer, Senior Product Manager at Open LMS: “We recognize that revenue driven by their LMS is critical to many of our customers. With the launch of Open LMS eCommerce, our goal is to help our customers maximize that potential, while creating a more streamlined and frictionless environment for their end-users.”

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