A Seamless Ecommerce Experience, Right in Your LMS

Make Your Selling Experience Easier With Open LMS eCommerce

Maximize the potential of your LMS by using it to sell your courses, programs, certifications, and more. Gone are the days of having a disconnect between selling your products and delivering them to your learners—with Open LMS eCommerce you can hit the ground running right away!

Whether you’re looking to monetize your existing offering or you want to explore new opportunities, Open LMS eCommerce will support your goals. Increase your revenue without adding complexity.


Don’t Be Limited by Logistics: Sell How You Want!

With Open LMS eCommerce you can sell multiple product types simultaneously and adapt to customer needs:

  • Sell single courses, programs, certifications, or quiz attempts
  • Offer subscriptions to your site
  • Add upsells to your free courses with premium content inside
  • Provide purchasing flexibility, allowing end users to buy for themselves or others

With flexible options for you and your end users, you provide a smooth buying and selling experience that will keep your learners coming back for more.

The Same Great Support You Know From Open LMS

One of the benefits of choosing Open LMS’s open-source solution is the ability to integrate with a variety of different plugins. With external plugins you usually have to deal with multiple support teams if you need guidance. But, with Open LMS eCommerce, you only have to go to one place for support: Open LMS’s industry-leading experts.

Expand Your Audience and Increase Your Revenue

Take your LMS experience to the next level and increase your revenue. Whether for one-time purchases or subscriptions, it’s time to learn what’s possible with the help of Open LMS eCommerce.

Want to see Open LMS's ecommerce capabilities in action?

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