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  • Best Practices: Trends of Adult Learners

    Discover how applying adult learning principles to your content design can improve learning outcomes and help instructors find success.

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  • Strategies for Encouraging Effective Forum Dialogue

    Active participation is fundamental to learning. Discover how teachers can leverage eLearning tools to make online discussions more engaging for students.

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  • Best Practices: Time Savers With Forums

    Discover how educators can save time on digital course administration with subscription and read tracking features.

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  • Best Practices: Time Savers With the Gradebook

    Learn how to make your Moodle™ Gradebook more user-friendly and save time grading assignments.

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  • Best Practices: Using Moodle™ Quizzes to Promote In-Class Discussion

    Learning designer and trainer Tara Thompson highlights how educators can use Moodle™ quizzes to jump-start discussion and collaboration among students.

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