Best practices: Three methods for grading assignments

Today we're continuing the blog series "Best Practices." Written by Open LMS ' very own Learning Solutions team the Best Practices series is a bi-weekly feature highlighting best practices for Moodle use inside and outside of the traditional classroom.

In today's post Open LMS Instructional Designer Rebecca DeSantis highlights successful methods for grading assignments.

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You’ve configured your gradebook and built your course. Now it’s time to master grading assignments. Here are three methods you can use to grade assignments in Joule 2:

1. Individual assignment

Click the assignment link on the front page of the course this will takejump you directly to the submitted assignments. Alternatively you can reach this same page by navigating to the gradebook’s “Grader Report” and clicking the link for the assignment.

Once on the page you can grade assignments by clicking the “Grade” link. If you attached a rubric to the assignment then you’ll click the “Rubric” link. You can save some time by downloading all assignments as a zip. Don’t forget to take advantage of the optional settings to filter only those that require grading and allow quick grading to input grades directly into the table.

In this video I demonstrate how to grade an assignment using this method.

2. Grader Report

You can quickly enter grades into the “Grader Report” by turning editing on. Once you edit a grade in this report it overrides the grade from the activity interface. Therefore as a best practice we recommend that you do not grade here initially.

3. Joule Needs Grading Report

The “Needs Grading report” is one of the many powerful reports available in your Joule platform. This report will display real-time data of submitted activities and assignments that require grading. To save time use the many available filters: grade category sections activities activity type group and user. Once you generate the report you will see a listing of the submissions that need grading. Simply click the “Grade now” link review the assignment enter a grade and feedback and attach any response files. It’s that simple!

To learn more about grading other activities in Moodle check out our new Course Building Fundamentals online course. You can also subscribe to our Open LMS ’ Video Channel on YouTube and view our Learning Solutions playlist of tutorials.




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