Best practices: Displaying Moodle™ grades in real-time

Setting up your gradebook to display real-time grades is not always as straight forward as one might think. The Moodle™ gradebook at its core either displays an overall course grade for students moving from 0% up or 100% down. One option is to use the Aggregate only non-empty grades setting so that all activities that have yet to be graded are ignored. If you do not enable this feature then the gradebook will count all activities that do not have a grade as a 0. This is problematic because the gradebook will not show an accurate real-time grade for students as all courses activities are included in the overall grade—even if the activity has not become due yet. The following steps will allow you to show the activities that have been graded along with the students’ current grades.

First create a gradebook category called Not Graded as well as any other categories to be included within the course gradebook. Place all activities within the Not Graded category for the start of the course. Next set the overall course aggregation to Weighted Mean of Grades. The other categories including the Not Graded category set to any aggregation type desired. Then set the Not Graded category to a weight of 00.0 and each additional category to the weight you would like them to have. If you want all categories to have an equal weight then divide the number of categories by 100 and give each category that weight. Finally set the Aggregate only non-empty grades to not set (unchecked) this will calculate any items that have not been given a grade as a 0. As the course progresses and as activities become due move the graded activities out of the Not Graded category.

To learn more about setting up your gradebook consider enrolling in the Mastering the Gradebook in Moodle™ and Joule online course.

~Janelle Gieseke



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