The Scalable, Customizable LMS for Extended Enterprise

Get the LMS for business that makes it easy to develop your workforce, educate your stakeholders, and promote long-term organizational growth with our Open LMS WORK. Our robust learning management system supports your extended enterprise learning initiatives with unmatched professional development and customer training experiences that scale with your organization. Backed by a global team of professional learning experts, Open LMS WORK is a secure training platform that empowers you to upskill and reskill your suppliers, distributors, and resellers, enhance knowledge among your customers and contractors, and stay competitive in your industry.

Today, Open LMS serves more than 1,200 customers and supports more than 19 million LMS users in over 120 countries. Our team of more than 20 channel partners helps us promote the Open LMS experience around the world with local language support.

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Drive Training Excellence With a Customizable LMS for Extended Enterprise

No matter your professional learning goals, Open LMS WORK helps ensure you’re prepared. Our powerful Moodle™-based LMS can be fully customized to suit your corporate learning needs—or the needs of your partners and clients—to ensure your extended enterprise is equipped with the knowledge needed to drive your business forward. Whether you’re offering product training to your customers or need to ensure your vendors understand your quality standards, our experienced, global team has the tools and resources to help you deliver exceptional online training and learning experiences for every user.

Open LMS has the scalability and flexibility to accommodate your business growth and expansion with ease. Whether your extended enterprise is focused on training your customers, vendors, or distributors—or if you want to offer training to all of your audiences using one business learning platform—Open LMS has a solution to meet your needs.

When you partner with Open LMS, your extended enterprise benefits from:

  • Extensive LMS customization options that let you tailor the learning platform to your brand
  • Robust LMS compliance tracking tools that help ensure everyone from suppliers to franchise owners understand and meet your industry standards
  • Seamless LMS integration capabilities to help you consolidate your learning management processes under one unified platform
  • Collaborative learning features that encourage your users to share their knowledge and enhance your business
  • A multi-tenant LMS that lets you manage everyone’s learning with one platform while keeping groups like customers and contractors separate.
  • Robust reporting and LMS analytics that offer actionable insights into the effectiveness of your training programs
  • Prioritized LMS security features that ensure your data stays safe
  • Regular software updates and enhancements to keep your brand at the forefront of learning technology advancements
  • Ongoing LMS hosting and support that continues long after your software goes live
  • The Open LMS Academy, a comprehensive selection of professional development, functional training, and instructional courses to enhance your skills and expertise
  • Expertly designed training content via our LMS course creation add-on services
  • On-the-go training via a branded LMS mobile app so all of your users can learn from any device at their own pace
  • Transparent and flexible LMS pricing plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of your customers, suppliers, contractors, and other business partners.

Our secure, scalable, multi-tenant learning platform is trusted by more than 1,200 brands around the world.

Learn Why Organizations Around the World Choose Open LMS


The feedback we get is, ‘This is great to have. I'm so glad this is available to me. I didn't know how this was going to work. The LMS really allows us to scale to the learners’ needs and create something that they can sit down in front of and use immediately.'

National Elevator Industry Educational Program, Instructional Designer

Use Your Extended Enterprise Ecosystem to Accelerate Partner Learning

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You need your vendors and distributors to be well-versed in your offerings, and you want to help your customers be more proficient in using your products. Taking advantage of extended enterprise learning is a strategic training approach that can help you enhance collaboration among your channel partners and build trust with your customers.

Tackle all of your training goals with solutions from Open LMS. Our open-source LMS for extended enterprise helps you:

  • Strengthen your brand and improve interactions between your suppliers, distributors, and other channel partners by giving your extended network up-to-date information about your products or services.
  • Reduce risk by providing vendors and suppliers with information on how to use your products the right way and understand your organization’s needs and goals.
  • Improve client retention by making sure your customers are knowledgeable about how to get the most value from your product.
  • Drive revenue by providing training content that ensures your vendors, distributors, and franchises know your customers’ pain points and how to sell your products effectively.

Manage Training Programs for Customers, Vendors, and Other Partners in Your Extended Enterprise With a Multi-Tenant LMS

When you’re educating your customers and external business partners, you need a learning solution that can handle multiple programs without making things complicated. Open LMS WORK is a multi-tenant LMS that keeps your learning environments completely separated. Manage unique learning environments for your customers, distributors, franchise owners, and other partners so everyone gets the training content you need them to have—all with one customer training LMS platform!

Your learning leaders can assign training content and manage their own users while you retain control over the big picture. With Open LMS, you’ll always know what’s happening with your customer, vendor, and other partner learning programs without worrying about their training programs commingling.

The Open LMS WORK platform lets you:

  • Simultaneously roll out reports for different learning groups
  • Run reports specific to each tenant
  • Track course completion for specific users within a tenant
  • Use smart reports to limit data to shared courses or shared profile field values
  • Keep every learning group informed while maintaining data security

Encourage User Engagement Across Your Extended Enterprise With Collaborative and Personalized Learning Features

When users are actively engaged with your training materials, they’ll be more likely to retain the essential information you’re teaching them. Encourage user engagement with collaborative learning features from Open LMS. Our learning platform makes it easy for your suppliers and other channel partners to discuss their client experiences, share their ideas, and enhance communication.

Learners throughout your extended enterprise can deepen their understanding of training topics and increase their skills using tools like:

  • Online discussion forums
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Group assignments

Additionally, our LMS offers personalized learning paths that help your users see the relevance of learning materials and feel more connected to the training courses. Empower your customers to improve their knowledge of your products and become brand ambassadors with “choose your own adventure” style learning opportunities that align with their interests and goals.

Ensure your vendors, suppliers, franchise owners, and other partners have essential knowledge that drives your business growth while they improve the skills that interest them the most. Open LMS WORK makes it easy for you to import content from a variety of sources to create a catalog of learning content for your users to explore.

Grow Your Business With a Scalable Enterprise Learning Management Solution

With managed hosting services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Open LMS WORK offers organizations around the world a reliable, stable, and scalable LMS experience. We give our customers access to extensive LMS service and support, and our simplified workflows make it easy for users to focus on their learning.

Open LMS WORK’s e-commerce features make selling your courses easy. After clients purchase your training content, you can automatically enroll them in your courses. We make it easy for you to reach your target clients, increase your revenue, and grow your business with our corporate LMS. Above all else, Open LMS is here to support your growth and provide you with an exemplary eLearning experience.

Caja Sullana

Learn Why Businesses Choose Open LMS

Thanks to Open LMS, training our staff has gone smoothly. We feel that they are aligned with our objectives. We have seen our staff members meeting through Zoom to interact and study without having to go on site. They are happy with this tool.

Elizabeth Mogollon Avalo, Head of the Human Development Management Department, Caja Sullana

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