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Explore eLearning best practices, industry reports, or learn more about the open-source LMS products we support—Open LMS WORK, Open LMS EDU, Moodle™, and Totara—in one of our downloadable guides, ebooks, or whitepapers.
  • Open-Source LMS Security Myths Debunked

    Download this ebook and learn why an open-source learning management system is equally (if not more!) secure than other alternatives.

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  • 4 Principles for Accessible Design in Digital Learning

    Download this ebook and learn how a learning management system can help you ensure your digital learning design is accessible.

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  • Returning to F2F Learning and the Future of Tech in Higher Education

    We share the benefits of hybrid and blended learning in higher ed, trends in higher education learning delivery, how and why a digital-first educational model is now a competitive advantage, and discuss what does the future of university education look like.

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  • 6 Benefits of eLearning: How Digital Learning Has Proven Its Efficiency in the 21st Century

    Digital learning is here to stay: it isn’t just a trend or a stop-gap required by recent disruptions. As face-to-face learning makes a welcome return in organizations and institutions around the world, this guide goes over some of the key benefits of eLearning and helps you make the case for continuing to carve out plenty of space for digital learning going forward.

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  • 10 Benefits of Microlearning in the Workplace

    You’ve heard the expression ‘short and sweet’. Well, that’s exactly what microlearning is all about. Offering bite-sized chunks of learning content—as opposed to long classroom-based sessions or multi-screen eLearning programs—can have big benefits.

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  • Back to School: Leveraging Your LMS to Create a Successful eLearning Program

    Discover strategies we've seen that aid the shift to online instruction in higher education.

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