Open LMS Partners With Ease Learning, Integrating the Skillways Platform to Strengthen Skills-Based Learning Outcomes

With Skillways from Ease Learning, Open LMS users can enhance their efforts to build and measure learners’ skills.

Raleigh, N.C. (May 31, 2023) – Open LMS, a leading global provider of open-source learning management systems (LMSs), today announced its partnership with Ease Learning to integrate with Skillways, their leading skills assessment platform. The collaboration will create new opportunities for Open LMS users to design and access highly effective, customizable, and engaging learning experiences to help learners reach their fullest potential.

The partnership with Ease Learning will proactively solve teaching and learning challenges by offering powerful tools powered by Skillways to maximize the success of courses and training programs. Instructors will have access to performance metrics including a heatmap of cohort progress within their courses to gain insight into each learner’s level of skill mastery. The solution aids instructors in using meaningful analytics to inform instruction, promote retention, and achieve a deeper level of skill attainment.

“We are excited to partner with Ease Learning as we’ve found tremendous value in its tools,” said Phill Miller, managing director of Open LMS. “Skillways enhances our world-class LMS solutions and allows clients to create more flexible learning pathways. Through this partnership, we are honing in on our organizations’ aligned missions of empowering our clients to meet education and workplace learning needs by forging the path to make building and measuring skills more achievable.”

Placing learners at the heart of the learning experience, the Skillways platform also provides course creators with tools to structure and design modular, stackable learning paths around learners’ needs while aligning with specific program and institutional goals. The solution will offer Open LMS users real-time outcome mapping to illustrate results and support the accreditation process.

“The need for scalable, engaging and customizable eLearning solutions has never been greater as we know more learners are opting for a fully online learning experience,” said Laurie Pulido, CEO of Ease Learning. “As this method becomes more integrated into our institutions and workplaces, our partnership with Open LMS is opening the door for more organizations to improve learning outcomes.”

With the capacity to support clients of all sizes, the Skillways platform offers more than 200 assessment types to measure progress, comprehensive insights into each learner’s development, and a consolidated view of cohort progress.

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About Skillways by Ease Learning

Skillways by Ease Learning is a learning experience and skills assessment solution that enables skills-based learning design and mapping, embedded delivery of modular stackable learning experiences in any LMS or equivalent, and data analytics to measure the achievement of skills in real time and yield true currency for credentialing. To learn more about Skillways, visit

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