The Scalable, Customizable LMS for Government Training Programs

Our LMS for business is the learning management system government entities use to deliver reliable, scalable workforce training content. Whether you’re a local, state, or federal agency, our innovative and cost-effective solution empowers your government program to educate your staff, track workforce skills and competencies, and maintain compliance requirements so you can focus on what matters most—providing essential public services to your communities.

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Secure Your Data With an Expert LMS for Government Learning

Lock down your most sensitive information and ensure data integrity every step of the way through our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). We host clients with AWS to ensure all of your government data, files, records, and details stay confidential. Plus, Open LMS offers solutions that include the ISO 27001 certification, an international data security standard that further demonstrates our commitment to protecting your information.

Why Government Agencies Choose Open LMS to Train Their Employees

Lori Steward, Human Resources Director, City of San Antonio

We considered other platforms, but at the end of the day we knew we wanted a seamless transition and a vendor with strong knowledge of how we could continue our pursuit of online learning for City of San Antonio employees. eThink [now part of Open LMS] was the right partner to take our enterprise eLearning journey to the next level

Unlock Your Staff’s Full Potential With the LMS for Government Agencies

Whether you’re a local police department or part of the federal military, your officers and soldiers must have up-to-date knowledge on your community’s laws and your agency’s policies and procedures so they can carry out their missions and do their jobs well. Civil servants working in other sectors like transportation, education, social services, and more must also be properly trained to perform their duties and maintain the public infrastructure.

With a Moodle™-based LMS, your government agency has access to a comprehensive suite of tools and features that help you train and prepare your staff so they can deliver the highest quality service and swiftly respond to whatever challenges come their way. Organizations around the world use our open-source LMS to:

  • Easily onboard employees and deliver engaging training content
  • Make training more flexible with microlearning content and mobile LMS access
  • Help employees enhance their knowledge and successfully apply new skills on the job
  • Deliver training and onboarding content to staff across multiple departments and agency divisions with one multi-tenant learning platform

Discover the Benefits of Partnering With Open LMS for Your Government Training Needs

Whether you’re a local, state, or federal program, the public your agency serves deserves the best possible treatment your staff can give. When you use Open LMS to educate and train your workforce, you get a learning platform that grows with your department or agency to meet your specific training and compliance needs.

Benefits of partnering with Open LMS include:

  • An extensive network of learning management and human resource providers accessible through seamless system LMS integrations
  • Add-on services like expertly-designed LMS courses to engage your government employees
  • Secure mobile LMS access, with adjustable permission settings, so you can control on-the-go training
  • Prioritized LMS security via robust encryption, access controls, and regular system updates that ensure your sensitive information stays safe
  • A comprehensive selection of professional development, functional training, and instructional courses to enhance your skills and expertise through access to the Open LMS Academy

Compliance Management

With extensive data logging and reporting capabilities, you can ensure that your employees are up to date with the training they need. Help them navigate complex legal, safety, security, and other topics to keep your department or government entity in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Performance and Reporting

Give your team the support it needs to succeed. Track course completion certifications based on your employees’ roles in your organization. Leverage robust reporting, analytics, and integration options so your leadership teams can document who’s meeting expectations and who needs more training or support.

Curate Training Content and Strengthen Your Teams With an LMS Solution for Government Agencies

Design the training content best suited to your workforce’s needs with help from our award-winning LMS experts. Our learning designers can create training content for you from the ground up, or you can build the courses you need without leaving your learning platform using native assessment tools and built-in H5P interactive content creation features.

If you already have an existing library of training materials, you can upload your content to your Open LMS learning platform via SCORM support. With our multi-tenant LMS, you can easily deliver courses to specific employee groups and be sure the right people in your department or organization have access to critical information, such as:

  • Local, state, and federal laws and ordinances
  • Emergency and security protocols
  • Training in sensitive topics such as sexual harassment and workforce discrimination

Reliable and Efficient eLearning Support

While we strive to limit technical complications, disruptions can happen. That’s why Open LMS is always prepared to assist our clients with direct administrative support. With Open LMS, you never have to wait long for that much-needed support. Our average response time for support inquiries is just 50 minutes!

Cost-Effective and Accessible Training for Public Employees

At Open LMS, we understand that government entities operate under strict budget guidelines. When you partner with our Moodle™-based LMS, you don’t have to worry about paying for software licensing fees. Your investment supports learning tools and training resources that directly impact your workforce learning.

We care about accessibility, so we make it easy for your employees to access their learning materials on the go, with any mobile device. With our mobile app, workforce training is more convenient for employees while saving your publicly funded organization from paying for the costs of physical learning supplies and instructor fees.

Discover How Our LMS Can Support Your Government Training Initiatives

Let our learning experts show you how our robust features can elevate the training and development experience for your government agency.