Protect Users’ Data and Privacy With a Secure LMS for Online Learning

Open LMS is a powerful, feature-rich LMS for business that safeguards your data, mitigates risks, and provides a safe and accessible training environment with essential learning content for every learner.

Open LMS has provided safe and secure learning solutions to organizations around the world since 2005.

Ensure Your Data Stays Private With Secure LMS Hosting

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a corporate learning management software or a higher education learning solution—your users’ information should stay close to home. Our Moodle™-based LMS leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure your data stays in your hosting region. During your LMS implementation, we’ll help you pick the right hosting region for your needs, and your data will stay put unless you ask us to move it. We’re here to help you manage your data, and we’ll never shuffle your data around without your permission.

Own Your Data While We Keep It Safe

Your learners, instructors, and LMS administrators have an inherent right to privacy. That’s why any user data collected and stored in your LMS site belongs to your organization. You control your data, and Open LMS is committed to protecting it. Rest assured that Open LMS will never sell your users’ information to third parties and only uses anonymized, aggregated data to analyze our software use performance metrics.

Maintain Privacy and Stay Compliant With Data Security Regulations

With our secure open-source LMS, you’re in control of your data. Choose what user information you’ll collect and how long to maintain it. Open LMS has built-in tools to help you stay compliant with data privacy rules and regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Our learning system lets you easily:

  • Create and share your data privacy policy statements with your users
  • Keep track of which users accept your policies
  • Delete user data based on the terms of your privacy agreements

Discover Why Our Clients Trust Us With Their eLearning Needs

Paz Uruñuela de la Rica, Director of Content and Training, Dircom

The reason Dircom chose Open LMS, beyond the technology solution which of course covers our training needs perfectly, was the excellent support service

Minimize Your Risk of Data Loss From Natural Disasters and Outages

Storms, floods, and other natural disasters can strike at any moment and cause outages that put you at risk of losing your user information. As an AWS partner, Open LMS data is securely stored in the cloud, safe from unpredictable weather and other risk factors. The AWS hosting environment includes nearly limitless resources, allowing for almost instantaneous recovery for critical IT systems to keep your information safe. In the rare event that a system were to fail, a multiple-level backup strategy is in place to protect your data.

Deliver Learning With an LMS Committed to Security and Accessibility

Open LMS is committed to keeping your user information and organizational data safe. That’s why we’ve been independently audited and awarded the ISO 27001 certification, an internationally recognized data security standard. Our LMS software processes, policies, and business controls demonstrate Open LMS’s dedication to protecting client data.

We’re also on a mission to improve equitable access to digital learning. Our products are designed and developed to adhere to the Section 508 standards in the United States, as well as the internally recognized Web Content Accessibility (WCAG) Guidelines 2.1 Level AA.

Protect Your User Information and Extend Your LMS Functionalities

You can fully customize your learning software to meet your specific needs with support from our experts. Open LMS includes access to custom plugins, as well as LTI and xAPI standards-based connections. We handle all standards-based connections to ensure data integrity is maintained as information passes between the LMS and your plugins. We also offer plugin reading and installation services to help you protect your sensitive information before you use plugins you’ve built or have purchased from a third party. For an additional fee, our team of experts will review the plugin code to look for any potential vulnerabilities or risks to your data security. Once your external plugins are cleared for use in the SaaS environment, we’ll install the plugins for you.

Design and Deliver Secure Learning Experiences With These Essential LMS Features

Make your learning platform work the way you want it to. From personalized user interfaces to immersive training programs, a partnership with Open LMS grants you access to:

  • Cloud hosting powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to protect your data from outages and scale your learning programs as your organization grows
  • The latest innovations in eLearning and training technology with regular, automated software updates that keep your learning programs running smoothly
  • Flexible and transparent pricing plans that fit your unique needs
  • Implementation support from our team of LMS experts who are ready to respond to your requests in an average of just 50 minutes from the time you submit an administrative support ticket
  • Robust LMS analytics and reporting features that give you actionable insights into your workforce development programs
  • Data security and compliance safeguards to ensure your information stays safe and you stay compliant with regulatory agencies
  • Extensive customization options so you can tailor your learning programs to your unique brand identity and your users’ needs
  • Seamless third-party integration capabilities to consolidate your organization’s systems under one unified platform
  • Add-on services like content creation so you can give your LMS users the best possible learning experiences
  • Flexible, on-the-go access to your learning programs with a secure mobile app that can match your organization’s branding
  • The Open LMS Academy, an exclusive content library with a wide range of training and development courses to enhance your LMS skills and expertise
  • A dedicated LMS provider committed to improving learning accessibility and safeguarding data for every user, as demonstrated by regular third-party audits of our platform to maintain accessibility compliance and ISO 27001 certification

Open LMS is an award-winning industry leader and trusted L&D partner.

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Protect Your Data and Enhance Your Training Programs With Our Secure Learning Management System

Safeguard your most sensitive user data with Open LMS. Let our experts show you how our security-focused LMS protects your organization and its learning data so you can focus on your training programs.