• Best Practices: Creating Effective Feedback for Your Learners

    According to research students don’t classify a course as either “good” or “bad” based on instructor preparedness instructor organization or even the level of interaction within the course.

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  • Best practices: Sharing the lanes of design and facilitation in online courses

    Designing and facilitating an online course that is both meaningful and enjoyable is quite a journey. Typically online courses come to fruition through one of two scenarios. Either one person is both the designer and the facilitator or separate individuals take on the design and facilitation responsibilities.

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  • Moodle™ and Joule: Beyond the classroom

    Moodle™ and Joule: Beyond the classroom is based on the social constructivist pedagogy founded on the ideal that a learning environment needs to be flexible and adaptable and that if we can come to understand others we can teach in a transformational way.

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  • Best practices: How to videos for creating Moodle™ rubrics

    The much anticipated Moodle™ Core 2.2 rubrics will be available to Open LMS customers with the upcoming Summer 2012 release of Joule. Rubrics are a great tool for evaluating performance in any classroom. With this new release educators can quickly create a Moodle™ rubric with specific “criterion” and associated “levels” for evaluation.

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  • Strategies for Encouraging Effective Forum Dialogue

    Active participation is fundamental to learning. Discover how teachers can leverage eLearning tools to make online discussions more engaging for students.

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