5 Reasons Why You Should Switch from Self-Hosted Moodle™ to Open LMS

Using self-hosted Moodle™ to meet your learning management needs can offer your institution a reliable user experience, but the open-source service comes with some hidden costs and inefficiencies. If your organization loves the operability of a Moodle™-based LMS platform, you can still take advantage of the platform and have a better experience with Open LMS.

Open LMS offers the familiarity of Moodle™ with a wealth of features and add-on services that take your LMS to the next level.

Below, we’ve curated a list of five reasons why you should make the switch to Open LMS.

1) Enterprise-Level Quality in a Familiar Package

Open LMS is built upon the core Moodle™ code. Where it differentiates itself is its enterprise-level hosting and enhanced set of features.

Open LMS has the capacity to easily scale with your organization, reducing or eliminating the “growing pains” that sometimes come with upgrading software systems. The platform’s ability to scale also means it can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous quiz takers for your site. With an uptime of 99.9%, Open LMS won’t slow down or crash due to a high volume of users.

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Open LMS is also the largest Moodle™ SaaS hosting provider. The team has been delivering a SaaS solution for education institutions and corporate organizations since 2008.

In order to support so many users at once, Open LMS prioritizes top-quality service. The Open LMS support team manages your hosting and provides expert-level support that’s available 24 hours a day to resolve your concerns.

When your IT staff is free from maintaining your LMS, they can focus on areas directly impacting teaching, learning, and your organization’s success.

2) Reduced Time and Effort Without Compromising Value

Making the switch to Open LMS means your organization can configure and manage its own eLearning programs with little direct technical administration. While the Open LMS team deals with any technical difficulties concerning Moodle™, your technology professionals can spend more time focusing on things like:

  • Developing course content
  • Delivering training to users
  • Writing custom blocks and modules
  • Assisting with eLearning strategies

Your technology professionals won’t have their working hours tied up solving Moodle™-related problems. The extra resources required to run Moodle™ effectively can be rerouted to other projects.

For instance, all Moodle™ security updates are entirely managed by the expert IT staff at Open LMS, so your user and organizational data remain secure without other projects falling by the wayside.

The same principle applies to all new updates and releases. These things take a great deal of time and energy to plan. Open LMS manages them all, ensuring that all technical requirements are met, data is protected, and downtime is minimized. Additionally, the Open LMS team trains your users on these new features, saving your organization time and resources.

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3) Affordable and Sustainable Solutions

When you switch to Open LMS, the resources you invest go directly toward the success of your learning platform. One of our goals is to offer clients affordable, sustainable solutions that benefit their users, and ultimately, their organization.

Although Moodle™ itself is free to access, implementing the software will always incur additional costs. Your servers will need to be upgraded or replaced, and file storage will need to be expanded as your institution continues to grow.

Additionally, your IT department will need to use its resources—and budget—to maintain, troubleshoot, test, and continually support the software. Open LMS takes over those tasks for a fraction of the cost.

Making the switch also means less time and effort spent on change management. Customers on Moodle™ moving to Open LMS (a Moodle™-based LMS), don’t have to worry about loss of data during the changeover. They’ll also spend less time learning a new system, avoiding productivity loss.

In addition to being affordable, Open LMS is sustainable in the sense that it we take on all of your support needs, so there’s no need to replace expensive hardware to keep up with your learning platform.

4) Improved User Experience

To engage as many users as possible, you need to offer an excellent eLearning experience. Open LMS’s flexibility means your instructors have the freedom to shape their programs with custom features and functions that make their content and courses as engaging as possible.

Your instructors are experts in their respective content areas, and they know the most effective methods for delivering information. Affording them the flexibility they need can only improve the learner experience.

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Open LMS also improves the instructor experience with:

  • Simplified course dashboards for monitoring student progress and activity
  • Engagement tools such as personalized learning paths to motivate students
  • Secure communication with students, supporting hybrid and blended learning environments, as well as flipped classrooms
  • Adaptive content releases based on student progression and achievement
  • Early warning systems to help identify disengaged learners and send course reminders

Instructors also benefit from other user-friendly features. Whereas grading and reporting with Moodle™ is time intensive and cumbersome, Open LMS offers intuitive grading tools and real-time reports. These tools offer extensive data on your students, allowing you to make better decisions about your eLearning.

5) Impeccable Service

Commitment to service has been mentioned throughout this article, but it bears repeating here. That’s because Open LMS is driven by serving others and helping you provide the best possible learning experiences to your users.

The Open LMS team offers more than 15 years of hosting experience, and your organization retains full administration rights to your learning website. That means you get complete control of the website deployment without needing any approval from us, but you also get the peace of mind knowing that every plugin has undergone a code review to avoid security and performance risks.

Whether you have corporate learning or higher education needs, we have a global team of experts dedicated to giving you the best LMS available.

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It’s Time to Make the Switch

Take advantage of our enterprise-level service while saving your time and resources. Contact us today to learn more.
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