The Moodle™-Based Corporate Learning Management System to Strengthen Your Workforce

Get the business LMS that’s ready to elevate your corporate training programs with Open LMS WORK. Our award-winning learning platform supports your organization’s growth with unparalleled onboarding, compliance training and tracking, and professional development experiences, ensuring your employees have the skills they need to achieve your—and their—business goals!

Supporting more than 19 million active users in over 120 countries, Open LMS is a secure and scalable corporate learning platform that’s trusted by top brands

Open LMS is a corporate learning platform and service provider that’s trusted by the world’s best brands

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Oliver Sendatzki, Vistaprint

Since moving over to eThink [now part of Open LMS], the whole experience has changed. We are no longer wasting time struggling with technical challenges and issues. My team received so much of our time back that we can now focus on our main projects, including the administration, creation, and maintenance of content. We are happy to have a strong partner who can assist us when it comes to the implementation of new ideas and visions

Vistaprint, Oliver Sendatzki, Manager CARE Learning

Drive Workforce Excellence for Every Employee With an LMS for Corporate Training

As a Moodle™-based LMS, Open LMS WORK offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features to enhance training, streamline operations, and drive performance for organizations across all industries. Our open-source workplace LMS grows with your business and can be configured to meet your unique workforce learning needs.

When you partner with Open LMS for employee training and development, you get:

  • Actionable insights into your workforce development programs via robust LMS analytics and reporting features
  • Seamless LMS integration capabilities that unify your existing learning and HR systems
  • Total control over your professional materials with a learning platform that supports multi-tenancy
  • Robust LMS security and LMS compliance safeguards to protect sensitive user information and ensure you stay compliant with regulatory agencies
  • A customizable LMS platform that aligns with your brand and evolves with your changing needs
  • World-class service and ongoing LMS hosting and support that continues long after your initial platform launch
  • A comprehensive selection of professional development and LMS training content to enhance your skills and expertise through the Open LMS Academy
  • Regular software enhancements to keep you on the cutting edge of workforce training technology
  • A LMS mobile app with your corporate branding, so employees can reskill and upskill wherever they are
  • Flexible and transparent LMS pricing tailored specifically for the diverse needs of organizations in your sector
  • Access to exclusive add-on services such as training course & LMS content creation by a team of expert learning designers

Enhance Your Corporate Training Programs With Collaborative Experiences

Open LMS WORK has a wide array of features to encourage your employees to learn together and deepen their workforce knowledge. With our employee training LMS, you can facilitate knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer interaction, bolstering morale, improving company culture, and enhancing learner engagement using tools like:

  • Discussion forums for collaborative online training
  • Virtual classrooms for synchronous learning sessions
  • Group assignments for team building and problem-solving activities

We help organizations meet their business goals and objectives

Set Your Employees Up for Success With Personalized Learning Journeys

Engage your workforce with the professional development content they actually want to learn. Open LMS WORK offers personalized learning journeys that help employees see the relevance of mandatory professional development materials like compliance training courses while also letting them upskill and reskill in areas that align with their interests. Give your employees autonomy over their learning while ensuring you get a skilled workforce that drives business results. Our software allows you to import content from a variety of sources to create a catalog of professional learning content for your staff to explore.

Take things a step further with the Personalized Learning Designer (PLD), an exclusive feature of Open LMS. With PLD, your instructors can automate course elements that personalize experiences based on the interactions your employees have within the LMS. This saves everyone time and keeps employees focused on enhancing their skills, not searching for content.

Stay Compliant With Robust Corporate Learning Reports and Analytics

Maintaining industry compliance is crucial for your business operations. Keep training environments completely separate and ensure the right employees are enrolled in the correct compliance courses with Open LMS WORK. Our multi-tenant learning software makes it easy to assign training content and manage specific users while you retain control over multiple learning groups.

Our multi-tenant LMS for corporate training lets you:

  • Roll out reports for many learning groups at the same time
  • Run reports specific to each tenant
  • See how many users within a tenant have completed specific courses
  • Limit data to shared courses or shared profile field values with smart reports
  • Ensure data security while keeping every learning group informed

Documentation is a breeze with our robust reporting and analytics features. Analytics and reports also make it easy to ensure your organization is compliant with any industry standards or regulations. With our Open LMS Reports Engine (ORE) tool, you’re able to easily identify who could benefit from additional training or support while keeping your key stakeholders up to date with your training initiatives. ORE lets you:

  • Quickly see user progress and performance across various teams
  • Better understand employees’ skill proficiencies
  • See who could benefit from additional training or support
  • Share updates with key stakeholders
  • Get a clear picture of your training program’s effectiveness
  • Make data-backed decisions that help you reach your goals

Take the Stress Out of Corporate Training With Fully-Managed LMS Solutions

Let the Open LMS experts do the hard work for you. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), our ultra-secure and reliable learning platform is ready to scale as your organization grows. Showcase your organization’s mission and values with a workplace LMS that’s customized to your brand, and give your employees access to on-the-go learning opportunities through a branded mobile app so they can keep upskilling and reskilling wherever they are. And the best part? The expert team at Open LMS can manage it all on your behalf.

Caja Sullana

Learn Why Businesses Choose Open LMS

Thanks to Open LMS, training our staff has gone smoothly. We feel that they are aligned with our objectives. We have seen our staff members meeting through Zoom to interact and study without having to go on site. They are happy with this tool.

Elizabeth Mogollon Avalo, Head of the Human Development Management Department, Caja Sullana

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