• Cattle Egrets and White Rhinos: Open LMS and the larger Moodle™ community

    Behold the mighty white rhino! And the cattle egret! What pages do they share in a story? They enjoy one of those relationships in nature usually called mutualism or symbiosis. We find the rhino grazing in the tundra and rivers humbly chewing its diet of leaves and grass. And that flash of white plumage on its back? Alas the loyal cattle egret.

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  • A little Joule holiday cheer

    With a new Joule 2.3 release coming right in step with the holiday season Learning Solutions would like to spread some seasonal cheer (“Jouletide” joy) by highlighting two of the fantastic new features that will be available to instructors after the Dec. 28 product release.

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  • Best practices: Three methods for grading assignments

    Today we're continuing the blog series "Best Practices." Written by Open LMS ' very own Learning Solutions team the Best Practices series is a bi-weekly feature highlighting best practices for Moodle use inside and outside of the traditional classroom.

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