LMS for Training Companies

When you’re in the business of providing training, you need an eLearning platform you can count on. From compliance to continuing education, a next-generation eLearning platform gives associations and training companies the tools needed to educate, engage, and connect users.

Handle Your Training Needs With a Comprehensive LMS Solution

No two training organizations are the same and different industries have different compliance or training requirements. Use a Moodle™-based Learning Management System (LMS) like Open LMS WORK to help you provide better service to your clients as well as give you the infrastructure you’ll need to ensure your own employees are well-prepared to assist with your clients’ learning and development tasks. That said, when providing courses or resources, your training platform should…

foster engagement

Foster Engagement

The best training programs include more modernized approaches to learning. For associations or other membership-type companies, this includes providing opportunities for members to interact with each other, as well as providing resources that are easily accessible and provide value to your membership base. This can include encouraging engagement with materials that may have previously been offered in more passive formats or repurposing information that was shared in-person to a wider network.

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Include Compliance Functionality

Ensure your training program delivers a standardized curriculum that meets industry compliance requirements and provides proof that employees understand and are adhering to regulations, policies, and practices. Not only are meeting these requirements important to the operation of the agency, but compliance tracking and training is crucial to preventing potential safety, privacy, or legal issues.

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Provide Dynamic Reporting

Whatever training you provide, your LMS should track the completion of training courses and certifications, and offer robust reporting so that you can confirm your training resources are effective or identify areas where courses may be improved.

Support eCommerce

Does your LMS support eCommerce functionality so that you can effectively sell your courses? Automatically enroll learners in courses in your LMS after purchase. Scale your training program’s reach, target audience, and revenue with an effective eCommerce LMS solution.

Meet Your Association or Training Needs With Open LMS

Open LMS provides secure, flexible, and scalable open-source LMS solutions that allow you to create a custom training program that can meet the specific needs of any training company or association.

Open LMS Work

Open LMS WORK is designed to be a functional, informative user experience for learners in the workplace.

Based on open-source Moodle™, Open LMS WORK is a learning management system designed to provide organizations with the features and functionality needed to effectively align learning goals with business outcomes.


Totara Learn is a leading open enterprise learning management system.

Designed for workplace learning, Totara provides a functionally rich learning platform that can reflect employees’ roles, training needs, and objectives.

Open LMS is a certified Platinum Alliance Totara Partner.

Why Partner With Open LMS to Enhance eLearning in Your Organization?

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Open LMS provides businesses with a fully-managed eLearning platform, including implementation, AWS cloud hosting, management, customization, and support so your team can focus on perfecting the learner experience and supporting your end-users.

Our comprehensive eLearning solutions provide:

  • Robust functionality at a low cost
  • World-class service
  • A fully-managed and tailored learning platform
  • Numerous open-source advantages in terms of customization, ownership, and security
  • Industry-leading reliability, uptime, and security

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