Mitigate Regulatory Risks With the Ideal LMS for Employee Compliance Training

With robust tracking and reporting features and extensive compliance learning options, Open LMS is the comprehensive business LMS solution your organization needs for tracking and maintaining compliance with a wide array of regulatory bodies.


Organizations around the world trust Open LMS with their learning and training needs.

Safeguard Your Workforce With a Robust Compliance Training Solution Platform

Whether you’re a corporate business, extended enterprise, or higher learning institution, your employees need to stay caught up with their mandatory training courses so you can keep your operations running smoothly. That’s where Open LMS comes in. Leverage our powerful and comprehensive open-source LMS solution that prioritizes compliance, mitigates risks, and provides a secure and accessible training environment to keep your workforce up-to-date with essential learning content. When you partner with Open LMS for your higher learning and corporate compliance training needs, you get:

Comprehensive Training Programs

Open LMS offers robust features and functionalities for organizations in nearly every industry. Upload your own content to the LMS, or opt-into a library of off-the-shelf compliance courses designed by expert learning design partners. These courses cover a wide range of topics, such as industry regulations, internal policies, and ethical standards.

Scalability and Mobile Access

When you operate in multiple regions or at multiple premises, coordinating employee training can get tricky. Open LMS helps you efficiently manage compliance training for all learners with features like:

  • Synchronous and asynchronous course access, ensuring nobody misses essential information
  • Interactive modules, giving learners real-world learning experiences in a safe environment
  • Full mobile compatibility for course content, quizzes, and assignments, ensuring learners can look at compliance training content on the go

As your organization grows, Open LMS can scale to ensure that every member of your team has access to consistent, reliable training content.

Discover Why Clients Choose Open LMS for Their Corporate Learning Management Software

Elizabeth Mogollon Avalo, Head of Human Development Management, Caja Sullana

Thanks to Open LMS, training our staff has gone smoothly. We feel that they are aligned with our objectives. We have seen our staff members meeting through Zoom to interact and study without having to go on site. They are happy with this tool

Satisfy Regulatory Agencies With Tracking and Reporting Tools That Demonstrate Your Compliance Training Efforts

Monitor learner progress, track completion rates, and generate detailed reports proving your adherence to your compliance requirements with our robust reporting and learning analytics. Open LMS allows you to show compliance agencies:

  • All of the data you gather from your LMS
  • The context for the information being gathered
  • A description of the data being collected
  • How frequently you run reports (and all of the reports you’re running!)

Open LMS’s reporting tools make it easy for you to assess the effectiveness of your compliance training initiatives, identify areas for improvement, and share relevant information with stakeholders.

Integrate With Your Enterprise Ecosystem for More Cohesive Compliance Training

Connect Open LMS with your other enterprise systems to ensure that your compliance training goes off without a hitch. Incorporate data from external systems to streamline reporting and compliance-related initiatives. Open LMS makes it easy for you to:

Centralize User Management By Integrating With HR Systems

Centralize User Management By Integrating With HR Systems

Automate user provisioning, updates, and deactivation based on employee lifecycle events. Synchronize employee data and learning records under one platform. Align compliance training programs with career development plans and role-based learning requirements.
Connect With CRM Platforms for External Audiences

Connect With CRM Platforms for External Audiences

Deliver tailored compliance training experiences to customers, partners, and vendors. Track and report on external stakeholders’ training progress and completion rates. Integrate compliance training with lead, opportunity, and account management workflows.
Establish Interoperability with ERP and Financial Systems

Establish Interoperability with ERP and Financial Systems

Facilitate compliance and regulatory training aligned with your operational processes. Link compliance training data with operational and financial metrics. Assess the impact of compliance initiatives on your overall business performance.
Accelerate Integration with APIs and Pre-Built Connectors

Accelerate Integration with APIs and Pre-Built Connectors

Seamlessly exchange data with enterprise applications through robust APIs. Leverage industry-standard protocols and integration frameworks. Customize integration workflows, data mappings, and business rules.

Create the Ideal Environment for Compliance Learning With These Essential LMS Features

Since 2005, Open LMS has been a trusted eLearning and online compliance training partner for organizations around the globe. From personalized user interfaces to bespoke course structures, our platform enables you to create an engaging and immersive compliance training plan that reflects your organization’s identity and objectives.

When you partner with us, you benefit from:

  • A flexible, scalable compliance training platform that’s powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and ready to grow with your organization
  • Extensive LMS customization options so you can tailor your employee compliance training to your unique brand identity
  • Regular, automated software updates to ensure your programs stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in eLearning and training technology
  • A variety of transparent and flexible pricing plans designed to meet your unique needs
  • A team of dedicated experts for LMS hosting and support before, during, and after implementation with an average reply time of just 50 minutes from the time you submit an administrative support request
  • Third-party LMS integration capabilities so you can seamlessly consolidate your compliance training and other learning programs under one unified platform

Deliver Compliance Training With an LMS Dedicated to Learner Accessibility

Regardless of your users’ age, abilities, or circumstances, they all deserve accessible learning and training materials—especially when it comes to completing compliance training. That’s why Open LMS, a Moodle™-based LMS platform, is committed to ensuring its products and services are fully accessible to every LMS user. In addition to undergoing third-party accessibility audits, Open LMS products are designed and developed in accordance with the internationally recognized Web Content Accessibility (WCAG) Guidelines 2.1 Level AA, as well as the Section 508 standards in the United States.

Open LMS partners and end-users benefit from the following features:

  • Full support of assistive technologies such as screen readers, text magnifiers, and speech-to-text solutions
  • Global keyboard shortcuts for common actions
  • Compliance with ADA, XHTML, and JavaScript standards for accessibility and Web browser compatibility

Open LMS is an award-winning industry leader and trusted L&D partner.

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