Get Powerful Training Insights With Analytics for Learning From Open LMS

Choose the LMS for business that goes beyond providing excellent tools for learner engagement. Our open-source learning platform equips you with comprehensive learning analytics features that empower you to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement within your organization or institution.

Open LMS provides learning and training solutions trusted by organizations around the world.

Leverage Employee Performance Metrics and Robust Analytics to Enhance Your Learning Programs

Whether you’re training a workforce or educating students, Open LMS offers robust analytics and reporting tools, ensuring that you have the data you need to give your users top-tier learning experiences. Get ultra-specific reports that use data from our Moodle™-based LMS platform as well as your other information systems to track user interactions, demonstrate compliance, showcase achievements, identify skills gaps, and drive success.

Take control of your data without waiting for a developer or programmer to create reports on your behalf. Open LMS gives you all the tools necessary to develop and run custom reports, helping you solve challenges unique to your organization without waiting for assistance from software programmers. You can also create data visualizations that make information easy to understand, so you spend less time puzzling over spreadsheets and more time making impactful decisions that enhance your operations.

Gain Granular Visibility Into Learner Performance

Get into the nitty gritty of your data with the Open Reports Engine (ORE) from Open LMS. Demonstrate how learning analytics drives success, and get the precise information you need to lease use the analytics dashboard screenshot here image 2 from WORK pillarenhance your training programs. Run reports using data from more than 20 different sources in your LMS and other HR systems, including:

  • Course completions
  • Enrollments
  • Cohorts
  • Badges
  • SCORM outcomes
  • And more!

With this information, you’ll be able to easily identify knowledge gaps, and make a plan to help your people find success. Track assessment scores, monitor how much time learners spend on course materials, and use that information to modify your training content to improve learning outcomes. With robust LMS analytics from Open LMS, you can pinpoint potential areas of concern and make agile changes to make sure no one falls behind.

Learn Why Clients Love Open LMS as Their Corporate Learning Management System

Matt Wolford, Learning Technology Architect, Young Life

Open LMS has been very flexible and understanding, and our account managers have shown a desire to work with us to make sure we have what we need. They don’t push us beyond our organization’s capabilities. Open LMS has been a good partner in all of this, rather than just a vendor that’s all about the bottom line

Inform Course Design and Increase Content Effectiveness With Data

Track every LMS login and course interaction so you can see how your users spend their learning and training time. Identify which learning materials get the most use and which ones are often ignored to better understand what resonates with your learners. Use that knowledge to optimize your future training and learning content to better connect with your learners and improve their educational outcomes.

Identify disengagement early so you can provide learners with appropriate support. Our detailed reporting tools help you keep track of when your users are logged in and active in the LMS, as well as which features and resources they’re accessing. Use that data to discover which learners aren’t engaged so you can intervene early, ensure your employees complete essential tasks like corporate compliance training, or leverage LMS analytics to see which students are in danger of not passing a course.

Leverage Customizable Reports and Ensure All of Your Stakeholders Are Aligned

Make informed decisions with data visualizations that ensure information is easily understood by every stakeholder. These clear and easily accessible data visualizations help your teams stay aligned while working toward achieving your organizational goals. Whether you need departmental training reports, skills gap analyses, or regulatory compliance documentation, Open LMS lets you tailor reports that align with your stakeholders’ unique needs.

You’ll also have the ability to keep reports private or share the data with specific audiences. You can even adjust your report settings to ensure your data automatically reflects the permissions your audience has so nobody receives information that’s not meant for them. Publish reports to your instructors and other stakeholders, and allow your instructors to build reports for their learners to communicate progress and insights effectively.

Seamlessly Integrate With Third-Party Analytics Solutions

In addition to our robust native reporting capabilities, Open LMS seamlessly integrates with leading third-party analytics software. This means you can pull in data from your other HR systems to further tailor your reports to your unique needs. Take a comprehensive look at all of your data and insights across your various systems to optimize course management, enhance learner experiences, and drive continuous improvement in your teaching and training initiatives with the Learning Analytics Platform from our sibling company, Watershed. Unlock the power of learning analytics, and take your educational programs to new heights!

Make Better Learning Decisions With a Wide Range of Other Essential LMS Features

Our powerful analytics suite will help you improve training outcomes and increase the range and quality of available skills in your organization—but an LMS must offer even more than clear reports and easy-to-use data visualizations. Thankfully, Open LMS makes it easy to develop teams of skilled professionals and prepare learners for the future.

Take your learning and training programs to the next level with:

  • A scalable and flexible learning platform that’s ready to grow with your organization
  • Extensive customization options that empower you to tailor our LMS to your specific brand
  • Compliance safeguards to ensure your organization’s most sensitive information stays protected
  • Automated software updates and enhancements that keep your training programs running smoothly and your business at the forefront of learning technology advancements
  • Ultra-secure and reliable LMS hosting powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Transparent and flexible pricing plans that meet your organization’s unique needs
  • Unparalleled LMS hosting and support from our team of dedicated experts before, during, and after the implementation process, with an average response time of just 50 minutes from the time you open an administrative support ticket
  • Seamless integration capabilities helping you consolidate your learning and training programs under one unified platform
  • Add-on services like content creation from our L&D experts so you can be sure your users receive the best-possible learning content
  • Mobile access to your learning programs, ensuring your users can learn wherever they are
  • Robust security measures that ensure safe online learning experiences
  • Access to a wide range of professional development, functional training, and teaching courses to enhance your skills and expertise through the Open LMS Academy
  • Our commitment to improving ease of access for every learner, demonstrated by third-party platform audients to maintain accessibility compliance

Not Sure Which LMS Reporting and Analytics Tools You Need? We’ve Got You Covered

Your goals and objectives can shift, and that means you might not know which reporting features will best suit your needs in the future. When you partner with Open LMS, you’re covering all of your reporting bases. Our comprehensive analytics, seamless integration with third-party solutions, and flexible reporting options ensure that you’ll be prepared with the data you need, now and in the future. Open LMS can adapt to your changing requirements so you’re always ready to make informed decisions and strive for continuous improvement.

Open LMS is a recognized leader and trusted partner in the learning and development industry.

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Unlock the Power of Analytics for Learning With Open LMS

Ready to transform your learning or training strategy? Let our experts show you how our robust reporting and analytics features can enhance your programs.