The Moodle™-Based LMS for Healthcare Organizations

Get the LMS for business that healthcare organizations use to deliver reliable, scalable workforce training content with Open LMS WORK. Our innovative, cost-effective solution empowers healthcare leaders to educate their employees, track organizational skills and competencies, and maintain compliance requirements so they can focus on what they do best—providing excellent patient care.

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Enhance Workforce Skills and Competencies With the Perfect Learning Management System for Healthcare Professionals

From routine procedures to major medical events, healthcare workers need to be ready to handle anything. Open LMS WORK helps you keep employees’ skills sharp, ensuring they’re ready to take on whatever challenges come their way. Whether you operate an independent hospital or a widespread network of healthcare facilities, our open-source learning platform makes it easy for you to:

  • Train your employees at scale based on their workplace locations, job functions, and more with multi-tenancy LMS features.
  • Ensure your workforce can swiftly adapt to new technologies and updated protocols.
  • Conduct organization-wide training sessions on important topics like effective communication and diversity in the workplace.
  • Help your busiest employees find time for learning with small, manageable courses.
  • Customize your learning environment with familiar brand imagery.
  • Secure your users’ data, gain valuable insights, and make future-forward decisions.

Reap the Benefits of Partnering With Open LMS for Your Healthcare Training Needs

Your patients deserve the best possible care your staff can give. When you use Open LMS to educate and train your employees, you get a learning platform that grows with your organization to meet your specific training and compliance needs.

Benefits of partnering with Open LMS include:

  • A customizable LMS for healthcare aligned with your brand and adaptable to meet your evolving needs
  • Robust LMS compliance features to protect your sensitive user data
  • Powerful LMS analytics and reporting tools to measure employee performance and assess the effectiveness of your training programs
  • Regular system updates and enhancements to maintain access to the latest innovations in healthcare learning technology
  • Flexible LMS pricing for healthcare organizations tailored to all sizes
  • Ongoing expert LMS hosting and support to assist you before, during, and after your LMS implementation
  • Seamless LMS integrations with an extensive network of learning management and human resource providers
  • Expertly-designed content through our LMS course creation add-on services to engage your healthcare employees
  • Mobile LMS access so your workforce can learn from anywhere
  • Robust encryption, access controls, and regular system updates that prioritize LMS security
  • Access to the Open LMS Academy, providing a comprehensive selection of professional development, functional training, and instructional courses to enhance your skills and expertise

Learn Why Organizations Across the Globe Choose Open LMS

Over 1,200 organizations trust Open LMS to support their learning initiatives

The training is really important because our volunteers are on the front line. They attend events and it's really important that they know the statistics and our services, and are trained to deliver this information with both confidence and sensitivity. They bring their own knowledge and compassion—around 95% of them have been impacted by these cancers via friends or family members, or by being a patient themselves. But thanks to the onboarding program, when people ask our volunteers questions, we’re confident that they’re fully informed about both the foundation and the cancers.

Bernie Muscat, Head of Operations, Pancare Foundation

Why Do You Need a Healthcare LMS?

Taking advantage of a provider like Open LMS for healthcare education supports convenient skills enhancement, collaboration among employees, and compliance tracking initiatives. Workers in the medical field often have competing responsibilities and are incredibly busy. It’s difficult (if not often impossible) to get a group of them together in the same room. Using an eLearning platform makes it easier to deliver training content to busy medical professionals. Partnering with Open LMS can help you take the stress out of:

Training and Onboarding

Training and Onboarding

Foster talent development and provide soft skills training for nurses, physicians, and other patient-facing professionals whenever it’s most convenient for them. Streamline onboarding and maintain your organization’s key policies and procedural information in your LMS so new staff can easily start contributing to your organizational success.
Skills and Competencies Assessments

Skills and Competencies Assessments

Ditch the paper binders and track your employees’ skills and competencies from within your learning platform. Use digital certifications and badges to encourage employees to refresh their knowledge or enhance their skills.
Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Leverage extensive data logging and reporting capabilities to ensure that your employees are current with the training they need. Help them navigate complex topics like Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, HIPAA, HITECH, FDA, GDPR, and the False Claims Act to keep your organization in compliance with regulatory agencies.
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Measure Essential Healthcare Skills and Competencies With Our Moodle™-Based LMS

Your clinical skills and competencies training should empower your employees with effective and engaging learning experiences. Open LMS makes it easy for your administrators to plan your users’ training journeys with built-in programs and compliance systems. Our open-source platform lets you ensure your workforce stays up to date on their learning requirements so they can contribute to excellent patient care experiences.

Measure and assess your employees’ learning data with our robust reporting and analytics features. Open LMS reports let you:

  • Quickly see user progress and performance across various teams
  • Better understand employees’ skill and competency proficiencies
  • Identify employees who could benefit from additional training or support
  • Share updates with key stakeholders
  • Understand and measure your training program’s effectiveness

Curate Content and Strengthen Your Teams With An Award-Winning LMS Solution

Our award-winning LMS experts can help you design the training content best suited to your workforce’s needs. Our healthcare clients have access to native assessment tools and built-in H5P interactive content creation features so they can build the courses they need without leaving their learning platform.

Already have an existing library of training courses? Upload your content to your Open LMS learning platform via SCORM support. You can also deliver courses to specific employee groups using our fully integrated multi-tenancy solution. Be sure the right people in your organization have access to critical information, such as:

  • HIPAA rules and other healthcare information regulations
  • Patient care protocols
  • Medical technology updates

Secure Your Sensitive Data and Scale Your Healthcare Organization With Our Moodle™-Based LMS

Through our AWS partnership, we’re able to grow with your organization no matter how large it gets. Our reliable, stable, and scalable LMS experience is available to clients across the globe. There’s no limit to how far your healthcare organization can expand with Open LMS.

Based on secure open-source Moodle™ code, Open LMS gives healthcare organizations the features and functionality needed to effectively align learning goals with desired outcomes. We host our clients with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure data integrity and privacy for your patients and employees.

When you choose Open LMS, you’re choosing:

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Cost-Effective and Accessible Healthcare Training

We’re a Moodle™-based LMS, so you pay no software licensing fees. Your LMS investment supports tools and resources that directly impact your training and development outcomes and improve accessibility for your employees. They can access their learning materials from anywhere in the world using any device with our mobile app, making workforce training more convenient for them while saving your organization the costs of physical learning supplies and instructor fees.

Quick and Reliable eLearning Support

While we hope they’re few and far between, technical complications can happen to anyone. Open LMS is always prepared to assist our clients with direct administrative support. Our average response time for support inquiries is just 50 minutes.

Discover How Our LMS Supports Training Programs for Every Channel Partner in Your Extended Enterprise

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