The Moodle™-Based LMS for Retail and Hospitality Organizations

Our learning platform for business is a flexible and dynamic LMS that hospitality and retail organizations use to develop innovative and thriving teams. Educate and onboard your employees, track organizational skills, and ensure you’re staying compliant with industry standards using our award-winning and cost-effective learning solution.

We’re the LMS Hospitality and Retail Companies Trust to Deliver Effective Workforce Training Programs

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Retail or Hospitality Workforce With Our Industry-Leading LMS Solution

Position your organization as a leading customer experience provider with a highly trained and skilled workforce. Our open-source, Moodle™-based LMS gives your hospitality or retail organization access to a comprehensive suite of tools and features. Open LMS WORK is designed to help you educate and prepare your staff so they can deliver the highest quality customer service and swiftly respond to whatever workforce challenges come their way.

Companies around the world use Open LMS WORK to:

  • Easily create and deliver engaging training content and onboard employees
  • Offer flexible training options with microlearning content and mobile LMS access
  • Help employees acquire new knowledge quickly and successfully apply new skills on the job
  • Scale employee training programs as their business grows
  • Deliver training and onboarding content to staff at multiple retail locations and business divisions using one multi-tenant learning platform.

Rely On These Open LMS WORK Features to Train Your Retail or Hospitality Employees

Open LMS clients benefit from:

  • Extensive LMS customization options to tailor our platform to your brand
  • Robust LMS compliance tracking tools to ensure employees meet industry standards
  • Actionable insights into learner performance and training effectiveness through robust reporting and LMS analytics
  • Regular software updates and enhancements to keep your hospitality or retail business at the forefront of learning technology advancements
  • Transparent and flexible LMS pricing plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of hospitality and retail businesses
  • Ongoing LMS hosting and support that continues long after your training program goes live
  • Seamless LMS integration capabilities to help you consolidate your hospitality or retail learning management processes under one unified platform
  • LMS course creation add-on services that provide training content designed by our expert partners
  • Collaborative learning features that encourage your hospitality or retail staff to work together
  • LMS Mobile access to your program so your employees can learn wherever they are
  • Prioritized LMS security features for your business that ensure employee and company data stays safe
  • The Open LMS Academy, a comprehensive selection of professional development, functional training, and instructional courses to enhance your LMS skills and expertise

Support Today’s Workforce With a Skills-Focused Learning Management System

Open LMS is an innovative platform that helps you drive your organization forward with modern learning and training strategies that keep your employees engaged.

Whether you manage brick-and-mortar locations or you sell solutions or products online, Open LMS WORK makes it easy for retail and hospitality companies to develop confident, competent employees with anywhere, anytime access to the training resources they need. With Open LMS WORK, you can:

  • Use built-in registration and scheduling tools to manage in-person and online events.
  • Leverage robust reporting tools to share updates with key stakeholders and track training progress across departments and teams in real time.
  • Guide employees from one course to the next with pre-built learning experiences.
  • Automate training courses based on learners’ interactions with the LMS through Open LMS’s exclusive Personal Learning Designer (PLD) feature.
  • Simplify course selection for your employees with a content catalog that locates learning content based on their interests (and your company’s needs).

Use an LMS to Improve Employee Performance and Customer Satisfaction in Your Retail or Hospitality Company

Every single employee plays an essential role in your organization’s success. You must train each cashier, concierge, salesperson, customer service representative, and everyone in between to be confident brand ambassadors. With Open LMS WORK’s native assessment and built-in H5P interactive content creation tools, your employees can learn about, understand, and exemplify your company’s key features and benefits so they can showcase the best of what you have to offer.

Further, personalize your training program by uploading your own SCORM-compatible content libraries and ensure your workforce has the in-depth, unique knowledge to help your organization thrive.

Let’s take a more detailed look at how Open LMS WORK helps retail and hospitality organizations:

LMS for Retail

Open LMS makes it easy to give your seasonal, part-time, and full-time employees essential product knowledge training that empowers them to better inform and assist your customers. Ensure employees are aware of your newest products and promotions with training modules and microlearning courses. Easily onboard your new hires and help them quickly understand your store policies, procedures, and systems.

Use your learning data to improve your training programs and ensure your workers have the skills they need to thrive. Proactively discover where potential retail employee skills gaps—such as upselling techniques or conflict resolution—exist. You can also leverage multi-tenancy features that enable you to deliver training content to specific retail locations or business divisions. This ensures that the right employee groups get the specific learning content they need to thrive.

LMS for Hospitality

Help your employees facilitate positive guest experiences with training delivered by Open LMS WORK. Ensure customer-facing employees are proficient in soft skills like communication, adaptability, and conflict resolution so your staff is ready to address guests’ concerns and solve problems when necessary. Make sure housekeeping, culinary, and maintenance workers are equipped with current chemical, food, and building operations knowledge that keeps everyone safe and secure.

Use the robust analytics within Open LMS to track essential compliance information, including food handling certifications and alcohol licenses. You can also leverage learning metrics to determine where skills gaps exist in your organization. This will allow you to better target your training efforts and improve efficiencies.

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Retail or Hospitality LMS and Maximize Your ROI

Investing in Open LMS WORK means you’re investing in your hospitality or retail organization’s future success. Whether you’re training customer-facing staff, facilities and environmental services professionals, or other skilled workers, Open LMS has a cost-effective learning solution for your needs. With Open LMS, you pay no software licensing fees, so 100% of your investment goes toward our award-winning service, support, and training.

Your investment supports eLearning tools and resources that directly impact your training and development outcomes—not inflated software fees! Measure the effectiveness of your Open LMS investment and maximize your ROI with:

  • Learning metrics that you can connect with your key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate your programs and make data-backed decisions for future training initiatives.
  • User surveys that help you gather feedback from your learners, managers, and LMS administrators so you can adjust training programs as needed and monitor their effectiveness.
  • Multi-tenancy features that let you meet the training needs of your various storefronts or business divisions without having to manage different platforms for each location’s unique learning requirements.
  • A support team of learning software experts that help you use your LMS to its fullest potential, rapidly respond to service inquiries, and find solutions to challenges.

See How Our LMS Can Support Your Hospitality or Retail Organization

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