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Professors and students learn and create their own online teaching and learning habits.

Mobile devices are easy to use with a fully responsive, adaptable, and accessible experience.

Create interactive courses by integrating activities such as videoconferencing, virtual classrooms and offices, open content, and Office 365 services.

Fully committed to delivering accessible products and experiences that achieve the highest levels of global accessibility standards.

We dig deeper into academic follow-up, integration of technology for diagnosis, and prevision and correction of academic models and experiences.

Our solutions to your problems.

Open LMS Solution

Idle students with little involvement in education platform processes.

Snap is a graphic theme exclusive of Open LMS that dramatically improves the base LMS.

Frustration about content creation processes and use of available resources.

A global content database that makes it easy to use, integrate, and share content.

Limited access to courses or events in mobile devices.

Open LMS is 100% adaptable to mobile devices.

Limited access and experience for people with disabilities.

Open LMS is accessible for everyone.

Adoption difficulties, rejection of platforms.

Optimized user experience that is customizable and simple to configure.

Manual enrollment processes that can be time-consuming and induce errors.

Our array of integrations and course/user automation tool, Conduit, reduces errors and automates many functions for instructors.

What our clients think

University of Montana: Facilitating communication between professors and students, supporting document sharing, and providing online working spaces, the Open LMS learning management system also provides new accessibility features that improve the learning experience for all users, including students with disabilities.

Marlene Zentz, Senior Instructional Designer y Accessibility Specialist en UMOnline de la University of Montana. Missoula, MT, United States

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