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The History of Open LMS



In the last 20 years, the EdTech industry has grown exponentially as it has managed to mature and expand throughout the world. Open LMS’s origin is closely linked to the birth of Moodle™ in 2002, an open-source LMS created to help educators design online courses in a simple and collaborative manner. Thanks to its open-source philosophy, anyone can make improvements to the program and share it with the community.



In this manner, a group of teachers from the United States joined together in 2005 to create an independent company called Moodlerooms, a platform based on Moodle™, to which they added new features and functionalities that improved the distance teaching and learning experience at that time.


From Open-Source to Global SaaS

In 2008, Moodlerooms made the leap to SaaS to guarantee uninterrupted online education experiences for its users, while also encouraging institutions to focus all of their efforts on the design of the teaching experience. Additionally, it took care of all infrastructure issues such as scalability, availability, or concurrency of the platform.


Did you know?

In 2012, Blackboard acquired Moodlerooms and Netspot (an Australia-based company that provided Moodle™ professional services for the entire Asia Pacific region) with the goal of providing a world-class teaching and learning experience based on open-source technologies.

Acquired Nivel Siete


In 2015, Blackboard acquired Nivel Siete (a company based in Colombia that provided professional Moodle™ services for Latin America) with the purpose of expanding the reach of Moodlerooms covering the Latin American market, and guarantee a global presence. By this time, the company was serving more than 4 million users worldwide.

Becoming Part of LTG


At the end of 2018, Moodlerooms changed its name to Blackboard Open LMS and continued with the development of a robust teaching, training, and learning ecosystem. Various tools such as Blackboard Collaborate™, Blackboard Ally™, and Blackboard SafeAssign™ can be seamlessly integrated.

LTG purchased Blackboard Open LMS

MARCH 2020

In March 2020, Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG) acquired Blackboard Open LMS, changing its name to Open LMS and launched the new company as a standalone business within LTG’s growing portfolio.

With the aim of offering an innovative experience, excellent customer service, a robust and powerful Moodle™-based learning and training ecosystem, LTG also added eCreators from Australia in September 2020, and just a few months later in December 2020, it acquired eThink Education in North America. Both companies have vast experience in offering state-of-the-art Moodle™-based solutions.

Our Team

JUNE 2020

As a result, at Open LMS, we have a global team of professionals working to transform the lives of thousands of people around the world by delivering exceptional teaching, training, and learning experience. Today, Open LMS serves more than 1,500 customers and more than eight million users in over 120 countries. We also have a team of more than 20 channel partners that help us promote the Open LMS experience in different parts of the world in their local languages.



Finally, we celebrate having one of the most powerful and integrated digital learning ecosystems in the market, as we have made available new add-ons in our platform, including SMOWL (eProctoring) and Instilled (a Learning Experience Platform).

Largest Open-Source LMS Provider in the World


By integrating the best human talent, we created a solid and diverse team with worldwide coverage capable of efficiently satisfying the different needs of the educational and corporate market. Open LMS is the best-selling open source provider in the world with a strong vision focused on being an ally of its clients and offering a professional and timely service.

JUNE 2021

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