Higher Education LMS-Design a Student-Centered Learning environment

Design a student-centered learning environment

Not all higher education Learning Management Systems (LMS) or eLearning solutions are created or leveraged equally. When shopping for your institution’s next online learning platform, you need a solution that meets the needs of learners, educators and administrators campus-wide. Open LMS helps institutions provide a scalable, engaging, and dynamic eLearning experience while maximising their LMS investment.

In order to reach and engage today’s diverse learners, colleges and universities need a learning platform capable of supporting:

  • Dynamic learning programmes
  • Synchronous and asynchronous coursework
  • Robust tracking & reporting
  • Easy grading capabilities

Luckily, the higher education LMS solutions provided by Open LMS check all the boxes. With Open LMS’s fully-managed solutions that includes implementation, hosting and world-class service you can satisfy all audiences and streamline overall costs.

Why partner with Open LMS for higher education eLearning?

Industry-leading customer support

Industry-leading customer support

Open LMS responds with a thoughtful, human approach to each support ticket. With a global team supporting you, responsive support from your LMS vendor means resolving issues quickly and efficiently while innovating for the future.


At the heart of every design, Open LMS offers state-of-the-industry secure authentication and permission handling. Further, our AWS cloud hosting environment offers additional security measures for a completely sound and secure system. AWS hosting also guarantees uptime and scalability, while allowing sites to be geographically hosted in accordance with a university’s requirements.


Open LMS is an experienced Moodle™-based LMS platform provider, which means our team has been fully trained in the best practices for design and support, allowing you to focus on the creation of stellar course content that provokes strong engagement from students.

Open LMS EDU: The LMS for Higher Ed eLearning

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Streamline Administrative Processes

Real-time SIS integrations allow for responsive, instantaneous importing and exporting of user data that includes names, identification records, grades and attendance. Streamline the course enrollment process with the ability to send information between your university’s two most important systems. The elimination of duplicate data entry helps simplify and automate processes for instructors and faculty and can help improve retention and reporting by documenting changes as they happen.

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Track and Report on Student Success

Maximise learning initiatives and increase learner success by leveraging robust reporting within your LMS. With a powerful LMS, instructors can generate custom reports on virtually any learner information that is being tracked, allowing for real-time analysis of student progress on the individual, course-wide or even department-wide level. This empowers educators to pivot quickly when student outcomes don’t follow an expected trend, providing the supplemental teaching and assessment needed to bring them back up to speed. This also provides institution leaders with the visibility they need in order to effectively manage their teams or departments.

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Customise Your Distance Learning Programmes

Create a personalised experience for learners within specific courses and departments without having to weigh trade-offs or make sacrifices when it comes to customising your distance learning programme. Tailor Open LMS EDU by integrating your LMS with third-party plugins and solutions that address specific needs, allowing your LMS to evolve, scale, and diversify without limitation.

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Enable Learning on the Go

Open LMS EDU offers a seamless, engaging experience from mobile devices including phones, tablets, laptops, and even multi-screen workstations with no adaptive effort on the part of the user. The Open LMS Mobile App makes learning more accessible, allowing students the convenience of learning on their own schedule, wherever they might be.

Utilise Blended Learning

Based on Moodle™, Open LMS EDU utilises an adaptive design, allowing instructors to create dynamic synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences. Instructors can evaluate in-seat participation, online assessments, and both formal and informal learning data in one system, serving content for online sessions while providing the space to evaluate the work done in face-to-face settings.

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Scale Your Programmes With Confidence

Scalability is the heart of the Open LMS mission, with solutions that include administrative features that allow for easy grouping of instructors and course content into teaching units, instantaneous permission and access level changes, and an easy transfer of content between modules. Whether you need to support 100 or 10,000 course sections, the tools are there to help you scale as demand grows.

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Take Advantage of Cost-Effective eLearning

Costs are contained because our Moodle™-based solutions allow for various hosting options and flexible customisation without the additional licensing rights you pay for with closed-source systems. When your LMS budget is directly allocated to service and maintenance instead of access to the platform itself, you receive a high-quality LMS solution that can be effectively supported by experts.

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