LMS for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profits help millions of people every day, whether through educational programs, nutritional programs, public health initiatives, protecting the environment, or providing food and shelter for those in need. When these critical programs are driven by a flexible and cost-effective LMS, you’re able to build a productive and knowledgeable workforce that effectively emulates and delivers on your organization’s mission.

Using an LMS to Deliver Non-Profit Training

Create a Centralized Place to Learn

As a non-profit organization, an LMS gives you the opportunity to support members more effectively and provide them with the knowledge and expertise on how to better support your mission and goals. Whether you’re a local chapter or supporting a national or global charity or NGO, you can empower your team to contribute further by using a non-profit training LMS to deliver ongoing learning and development opportunities.

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Facilitate Personalized, Hassle-Free Training

As your teams work diligently to support the initiatives of your non-profit organization, you can help improve the skills of employees, members, volunteers, and others within your non-profit organization by using relevant and engaging online training. The most important thing to many non-profit organizations is furthering their missions, emulating their values, and having a measurable impact on society. When you equip your team with the knowledge and expertise to do so, your non-profit can reach and exceed new goals while supporting your target communities.

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Help Generate Revenue

Not only can an LMS reduce non-profit training costs, but it can also help you generate new income. Your training programs can help members learn how to facilitate effective fundraising, create high-quality grant proposals, communicate with donors and vendors, and create for-purchase training courses for clients within a streamlined and organized solution.

How Does Open LMS Support Training for Your Non-Profits?

Managing a digital training program is no easy task, especially when you need to address specific or various communities. Not to mention, thousands of plugins and complementary LMS tools and solutions often make it difficult to determine which solutions available in the market will be most effective for reaching your eLearning goals. That’s where Open LMS’s world-class services with our leading solutions make eLearning for non-profit entities easy!



An LMS can help to easily administer and relay regulations, policies, practices, and periodic training for your non-profit. Not only are meeting these requirements important to the operation of the agency, but compliance tracking and training is crucial to preventing potential safety, privacy, or legal issues.
Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic Reporting

Non-profit organizations need to ensure their employees can effectively interpret and demonstrate their services and support their missions, members, and non-profit communities. Fortunately, an LMS also provides powerful data and analytics that assist in tracking the success and impact of your learning programs. With seamless integrations to your company’s existing information systems, you’re able to generate analyses of learner interactions within courses to identify where users might be struggling or excelling, and to make data-driven decisions on how you might improve future courses or learning initiatives.
Fully-Managed LMS Solutions

Fully-Managed LMS Solutions

Open LMS provides organizations with a fully-managed learning platform to make meeting eLearning goals easy for non-profits of all shapes and sizes. Open LMS takes care of every aspect of the LMS, including implementation, AWS cloud hosting, management, customization, and support. Leave the heavy lifting to us!

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