Transform Your Learning and Training Programs With a Fully Customizable LMS

Your learning platform should adapt to your unique needs. With a fully customizable business LMS, your organization never has to fit into rigid software constraints. Tailor your learning software to represent your specific brand, and give your learners an experience that truly represents your organization with Open LMS.

Since 2005, organizations worldwide have trusted Open LMS with their learning and training needs.

Learn Why Clients Love Open LMS

Camille Cockrell, Digital Learning Instructional Designer and Technologist, Casper College

We were building from the ground up. The people at Open LMS are great to work with and are always willing to share their knowledge and creative ideas. They aren’t at all pushy and want to see us succeed

Customize Your LMS to Give Users an On-Brand Learning Experience

It doesn’t matter if you’re a corporate enterprise or higher learning institution—you have a brand identity associated with your organization. Make your learning software an extension of your organizational culture with Open LMS’s extensive customization options. Choose everything from your color schemes to your software themes to ensure you have a higher learning or corporate learning management software that aligns perfectly with your organization’s identity. Integrate your existing logo and other branding elements into your learning platform to give your users a cohesive training experience that exemplifies your organization’s values and commitment to learning.

Personalize Your eLearning Software With Custom Plugins and Seamless System Integrations

Complex learning needs demand personalized solutions. With Open LMS’s Moodle™-Based open-source learning platform, it’s easy to solve your specific pain points and enhance your learning programs. Our team of experts can customize your software instance from the back-end, and build unique plugins to ensure your users have an intuitive experience that meets their needs. If you prefer building your own plugins, Open LMS offers code-reading and plugin installation services. We’ll review your plugin code and look for any errors that could impact your software. The Open LMS team can also install your plugins, protecting you from potential installation errors.

Ensure your training and learning programs run smoothly with seamless software integrations. Bring in data from your HR, CRM, ERP, and other systems to further customize your LMS. Centralize user management, streamline reporting, and exchange data with enterprise applications through robust APIs to optimize your learning platform for your needs.

Leverage Custom eLearning Solutions to Personalize the Learning Experience for Each User

No two LMS users are alike, and none of your learners will have identical needs. Give each person a unique learning or training experience with the Personal Learning Designer (PLD) from Open LMS. This exclusive feature empowers you to differentiate learning for every user, no matter their needs, without adding extra stress or labor to your L&D teams.

Create custom learning experiences while streamlining instructional processes for your trainers and educators. With the PLD, your instructors can pre-write common feedback responses and create workflows that trigger automated communications to users when they perform certain actions or reach specific milestones. Open LMS makes it easy to:

  • Send reminder emails and alerts when users aren’t engaging with your courses
  • Answer common troubleshooting questions
  • Grant learners access to additional course materials when they reach learning goals

Ensure your learners get the custom attention they deserve to help them find success, and give your instructors the flexibility and freedom to focus on other essential learning tasks.

Design the Ideal Educational Environment

With Open LMS, you can make your learning software work how you want.

Create engaging and immersive training programs that reflect your organization’s identity and objectives.

When you’re with Open LMS, you can take advantage of:

  • Transparent and flexible pricing plans that work with your budget and unique organizational needs
  • Add-on services like course content creation from learning design experts to save your L&D teams time and ensure your LMS users receive the best possible training content
  • Implementation and LMS hosting support from our team of experts who are ready to respond to your requests in an average of just 50 minutes from the time you submit an administrative support ticket
  • The Open LMS Academy, a content library offering a range of professional development and training courses to enhance your LMS skills and build your software expertise
  • Open LMS’s commitment to making digital education more accessible for every learner, demonstrated by regular third-party platform audits to maintain our accessibility compliance

Open LMS is an award-winning industry leader and trusted L&D partner.

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