LMS Systems for Business

Learning management systems have been proven to be a worthwhile investment across many sectors for companies that deliver business services. These include finance, technology, training, and consulting services as well as other extended enterprise business models. Regardless of your company's niche or how many different services you provide, an Moodle™-based LMS like Open LMS WORK can be tailored to meet all your business needs.

Empowering Business Service Teams With eLearning

An LMS provides a range of useful opportunities to support professional training and education that tie in directly to the needs of all types of businesses. This may include providing customers with personalized content around your product or service, as well as intelligent solutions for implementing important compliance objectives. So, the big question is, how can the right LMS help you provide more value to your customers?

Could Your Company Benefit From Using a Business Services LMS?

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Finance & Banking

Companies that offer financial services cover a broad range of essential functions that allow entire industries to run securely, such as banking, mortgage, and insurance services. Although these are highly-regulated industries, no two finance companies have exactly the same needs. Using a Moodle™-based LMS, you can create a learning platform tailored to your specific use case that will allow you to provide employees and customers with the training and resources needed to successfully support business initiatives.

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Consulting & Training

For consulting businesses, investing in an LMS built around the needs of your industry means being more adept at providing the necessary training and development that will equate to success—within your organization as well as for your clients. You can use eLearning to provide training to your clients and to help nurture soft skills which are crucially important for employees that are interacting with your customers every day.

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Tech companies know how fast the world moves and changes. Being able to update training materials quickly and efficiently for your users without requiring constant hands-on administration saves your organization valuable time and money. You can easily share resources with your customers to help train them on your product while encouraging quicker adoption and increased usage.

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Extended Enterprise

With the right LMS, you can successfully train and engage your extended enterprise on how to use your products within a single, centralized platform. Creating training or resources that are relevant to the right learners and engaging for all learning styles will help you increase adoption and scale your programs.

eLearning Solutions for Business Services

Having an LMS partner that can help you customize your eLearning platform is critical for businesses of all sizes. Open LMS can help you create a custom LMS that meets your specific training, onboarding, compliance, and extended enterprise needs. Check out our fully-managed LMS solutions below.

Open LMS Work

Open LMS WORK is designed to be a functional, informative user experience for learners in the workplace.

Based on open-source Moodle™, Open LMS WORK is a learning management system designed to provide organizations with the features and functionality needed to effectively align learning goals with business outcomes.


Totara Learn is a leading open enterprise learning management system.

Designed for workplace learning, Totara provides a functionally rich learning platform that can reflect employees’ roles, training needs, and objectives.

Open LMS is a certified Platinum Alliance Totara Partner.

Business service industries we serve

  • Banks
  • Loan Lenders
  • Insurance companies
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Software as a Service
  • Global Enterprises
  • IT Consultants
  • Agencies
  • Strategy Consultants

Why Partner With Open LMS to Enhance eLearning in Your Organization?


Open LMS provides businesses with a fully-managed eLearning platform, including implementation, AWS cloud hosting, management, customization, and support so your team can focus on perfecting the learner experience and supporting your end-users.

Our comprehensive eLearning solutions provide:

  • Robust functionality at a low cost
  • World-class service
  • A fully-managed and tailored learning platform
  • Numerous open-source advantages in terms of customization, ownership, and security
  • Industry-leading reliability, uptime, and security

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