The User-Friendly Learning Management System for Non-Profits

Open LMS WORK is a flexible and cost-effective business LMS that’s ideal for non-profit organizations. Our industry-leading eLearning system supports your employees and volunteers with unparalleled onboarding, training, and professional development experiences. Whether you’re promoting public health initiatives, protecting the environment, or giving food and shelter to those in need, Open LMS empowers you to build a productive and knowledgeable workforce that’s ready to carry out your organization’s mission.

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Develop Your People and Achieve Your Goals With a Moodle™-Based Learning Management System

Open LMS WORK is a secure, open-source eLearning platform that provides non-profit organizations with the features and functionality needed to effectively align learning goals with desired outcomes. As a Moodle™-based LMS, Open LMS WORK offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features to enhance training, streamline operations, and drive performance for non-profit organizations of all types.

The learning experts at Open LMS guide your retail or hospitality business throughout the implementation process and ensure your users have the proper training to take full advantage of our flexible, scalable platform that grows with your business.

When you use Open LMS for your nonprofit or charity, you get:

  • A fully customizable LMS that promotes your retail or hospitality organization’s brand
  • Robust LMS analytics and reporting features that reveal actionable insights into your volunteer and employee training programs
  • LMS Integration capabilities to consolidate your learning and training programs into one unified platform
  • Robust LMS security and compliance LMS safeguards to protect sensitive data and ensure your organization stays compliant with regulatory requirements
  • Mobile access to your LMS with LMS mobile app optimized for on-the-go volunteer and employee training
  • Ongoing LMS hosting and support that will continue long after your initial launch
  • Regular software enhancements helping you stay on the cutting edge of workforce training technology
  • Flexible and transparent LMS pricing options tailored specifically for diverse business needs
  • Access to exclusive add-on services such as training course & LMS content creation from our expert learning design partners
  • A comprehensive selection of professional development, functional training, and instructional courses to enhance your skills and expertise from the Open LMS Academy

See Why Nonprofits and Charities Around the World Choose Open LMS

Bernie Muscat, Head of Operations, Pancare Foundation

The training is really important because our volunteers are on the front line. They attend events and it's really important that they know the statistics and our services, and are trained to deliver this information with both confidence and sensitivity. They bring their own knowledge and compassion—around 95% of them have been impacted by these cancers via friends or family members, or by being a patient themselves. But thanks to the onboarding program, when people ask our volunteers questions, we’re confident that they’re fully informed about both the foundation and the cancers.

Open LMS has a long history of supporting the mission of nonprofits and giving back to communities around the world.

Read the following case studies to learn more:

Use an LMS for Nonprofits to Address Skills Gaps

Non-profit organizations assist those most in need, and having a well-trained workforce can help achieve this goal. That’s where Open LMS WORK comes in. Our LMS solution gives your employees and volunteers access to essential training resources. Whatever the focus of your nonprofit, our streamlined onboarding processes and training initiatives ensure your people will have the skills to tackle any challenge they face. Choosing Open LMS makes it easy for you to:

Centralize Learning for Your Employees and Volunteers

Manage all of your learning content and materials together in a central online hub. Ensure your employees, volunteers, administrators, and stakeholders can all easily access training materials and develop new skills, enhance their knowledge, and stay up-to-date with evolving trends. Leverage the LMS to create a secure, digital forum where everyone can share their knowledge and ideas to support your nonprofit’s mission and goals.

Facilitate Personalized Online Training

Tailor your training programs according to your learners’ needs and ensure they’re ready to support your mission with the Personalized Learning Designer (PLD), an exclusive feature of Open LMS. Using PLD gives your instructors the freedom and flexibility to automate course elements that personalize experiences based on learner interactions within the LMS.

Generate Revenue for Your Non-Profit Organization

Teach your volunteers and employees how to facilitate effective fundraising, create high-quality grant proposals, and communicate with donors and vendors. Open LMS WORK’s native assessment tools and built-in H5P interactive content creation features make it easy for your non-profit organization to design and deliver training content that helps your nonprofit thrive.

Ensure Your Nonprofit Stays Compliant With Industry Requirements

Meet your specific compliance requirements while still offering your employees and volunteers a personalized training experience. Use Open LMS WORK to relay crucial information to your workforce, such as industry regulations, organizational policies and procedures, and mandatory training courses. Ensure your teams stay current with their training and avoid potential safety, privacy, and legal complications with Open LMS WORK’s robust compliance tracking features.

Take Advantage of Award-Winning LMS Support for Your Nonprofit

Spend less time managing your digital training programs and focus more on your organization’s mission and goals. Open LMS WORK provides direct support so you can relay crucial learning content to your employees and volunteers without worrying about the intricacies of the software. Our team of experts simplifies LMS administration for nonprofits and has an average support request response time of just 50 minutes, so you can rest assured that your learning programs will keep running smoothly.

In addition to our award-winning support services, partnering with Open LMS means your nonprofit benefits from:

Robust Reports and Analytics

Assess the impact of your training programs, quickly see user progress and performance across various teams, and better understand your learners’ skills and capabilities. Our reporting tool, Open LMS Reports Engine (ORE), shows you who could benefit from additional training or support while letting you share updates with key stakeholders. Give your non-profit leaders a clear picture of your training program’s effectiveness and leverage your reports to make data-backed decisions that help you reach your goals.

Fully-Managed LMS Solutions

Let the Open LMS experts handle the heavy lifting for you. Our ultra-secure and reliable learning platform is powered Let the Open LMS experts handle the heavy lifting for you. Our ultra-secure and reliable learning platform is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is ready to scale as your nonprofit grows. Customize the look and feel of your LMS to showcase your mission and values, and give your employees and volunteers accessby Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is ready to scale as your nonprofit grows. Customize the look and feel of your LMS to showcase your mission and values, and give your employees and volunteers access

University of People

Shai Reshef, President and Founder, University of the People

What impressed us about Open LMS was the scale of their support organization—its responsiveness in the monitoring of the systems was best-in-class from what we saw. Our chief technology officer spoke with many Open LMS clients and they were happy with the level of responsiveness. I can confirm that we too are very happy with the high-level support. It’s exactly what we were promised

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